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Comprehensive learning for Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI

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Become a skilled Data Analyst with Power BI Advance Bootcamp

Empower your decisions with visually compelling reports and dashboards using our Power BI expertise

30 hrs Live Interactive Sessions

Engage in interactive live sessions with Experts

Lifetime Access to Course Content

Enjoy lifetime access to course content.

CPD UK Certification

Earn CPD UK Certification for professional recognition.

Metafiser Tech (UAE) Project Certificate

Attain Metafiser Tech Project Certificate showcasing practical skills

Real-world Simulation Project Experience

Dive into hands-on Power BI projects for real-world application

Networking Opportunities

Connect with valuable networking opportunities for career growth

Power BI Training Schedule

Live Online Class

Mar 04 - Mar 15, Weekday

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM ( GST )

AED 949

AED 2500

Limited Time Offer

Live Online Class

Mar 18 - Mar 28, Weekday​

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM ( GST )

AED 949

AED 2500

Limited Time Offer

Live Online Class

April 01 - April 12, Weekday​​

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM ( GST )

AED 949

AED 2500

Limited Time Offer

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Why Choose ACODS for Data Analytics?

Hands-On Learning

ACODS offers hands-on learning for practical skills

Live Industry Expert Sessions

Engage in live sessions led by industry experts

CPD UK Certification

CPD UK Certification, a globally recognized accreditation

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Work on industry-relevant projects

Industry-Relevant Projects

Explore an industry-relevant curriculum to stay current

Networking with Peers

Build a professional network through peer networking opportunities

Career Guidance

Career guidance to navigate your Data Analytics journey

ACODS Alumni Network

ACODS Alumni Network for ongoing support

20+ Assignment

20+ assignments for comprehensive skill development

Who Should Attend Power BI Training?

  • entrepreneur

    Empowers entrepreneurs to transform raw data into actionable insights for informed decisions & business growth

  • Excel users

    Excel Users, elevate your spreadsheet skills to dynamic data storytelling

  • Professionals looking to automate Excel-intensive work

    Ideal for Professionals seeking to automate Excel-intensive work,to streamlined, automated processes.

  • Professionals seeking to expand skills beyond Excel

    Professionals looking to expand skills beyond Excel, mastering advanced analytics and visualization techniques

Microsoft Power BI Professional Certification Training

Power BI Advance Bootcamp Curriculum

  •  Definition, importance, and impact on decision-making.
  •  Evolution and trends in BI.
  •  Understanding data types and sources.
  •  Basics of database management systems.
  •  Introduction to data warehousing.
  •   ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.
  •   Overview of Power BI.
  •   Installing and setting up Power BI Desktop.
  •   LAB Assignment work.
  •  Importing data into Power BI.
  •   Data shaping and transformation.
  •   Building relationships between tables.
  •   Introduction to Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).
  •   LAB Assignment work.
  •  Creating basic charts and graphs.
  •   Customizing visualizations for effective storytelling.
  •   Drill-downs and hierarchies.
  •   Utilizing bookmarks and themes.
  •   LAB  Assignment work.
  •   Time intelligence functions.
  •   Advanced statistical functions.
  •   Overview of custom visuals.
  •   Integrating and using custom visuals.
  •   LAB  Assignment work.
  •  Building interactive dashboards.
  •   Report publishing and sharing.
  •   Deploying reports to Power BI service.
  •   Accessing reports on mobile devices.
  •   LAB Assignment work.
  •  Understanding analytics and its role.
  •   Analytics for decision support.
  •   Exploring descriptive and predictive analytics.
  •   Real-world examples and case studies.
  •   LAB Assignment work.
  •  Applying analytics to forecast sales.
  •   Hands-on exercises with Power BI.
  •   LAB Assignment work.
  •  Implementing customer segmentation.
  •   Analyzing customer behavior patterns.
  •   LAB Assignment work.
  •   Implementing customer segmentation.
  •   Analyzing customer behavior patterns.
  •   LAB Assignment work.
  • Effective data visualization principles and best practices
  • Using visualization Tools (Tableau, PowerBI, etc.)
  • Interactive dashboards & storytelling with data
  • Communicating insights and findings to non-technical stakeholders
  • Ethical considerations in data visualization
  • and communication

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Hands on Live Industry Projects

Dive into real-world experience with hands-on live industry projects

Scenario-Based Exercises

Tackle over 20 assignments to sharpen your skills and boost your knowledge

Group Discussions

Engage in insightful group discussions for collaborative learning

Q&A Sessions

Get answers to your queries in interactive Q&A sessions for a comprehensive understanding

Skills You Will Gain
  • Prepare the data

  • Model the data

  • Visualize and Analyze the data

  • Deploy and maintain Assets

Real Job simulation project certificate

Step into the role of a data analyst, tackle real-world tasks from leading companies, and earn a prestigious project certificate to enhance your professional profile

Professional Certification

Enhance Your Employability and Recognition by Combining your degree and experience with success in the Data Science Institute’s Industry Recognised and Approved Professional Certifications.​


Impress Recruiters With Jobworthy Projects Portfolio

Real-Time Fraud Detection

  • Implement machine learning models to detect fraudulent financial transactions.
  • Enhance security and reduce financial risks.
  • LAB work.

Demand Forecasting and Production Planning

  • Use predictive analytics to forecast demand and optimize production planning.
  • Minimize excess inventory and reduce lead times.
  • LAB work.

Customer Segmentation

  •  Applying analytics to forecast sales.
  •   Hands-on exercises with Power BI.
  •   LAB Assignment work.

Sales Forecasting

  •   Applying analytics to forecast sales.
  •   Hands-on exercises with Power BI.
  •   LAB Assignment work

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the duration of the Power BI Live Training offered by ACODS?

The training program spans 30 Hrs of live sessions to ensure a comprehensive learning experience

How are the Power BI training sessions structured at ACODS?

Our sessions are carefully planned, covering fundamental concepts to advanced topics, providing a well-rounded understanding of Power BI.

Who will be conducting the Power BI training sessions?

Our experienced instructors, experts in Power BI, will lead the live training sessions to guide you through the learning process.

What skills can I expect to gain from the Power BI training program?

You will acquire proficiency in data visualization, report creation, and data analysis using Power BI, enhancing your business intelligence capabilities.

Is this training suitable for beginners, or is prior experience required?

The Power BI training is designed for all skill levels, including beginners. Our curriculum accommodates those new to Power BI while challenging more experienced users.

Are the training sessions interactive?

Yes, the live sessions are highly interactive, allowing participants to ask questions, engage in discussions, and receive real-time feedback from the instructors.

What resources will be provided during the Power BI training?

Participants will have access to comprehensive course materials, datasets, and other resources to support their learning journey.

How can I register for the Power BI 30 hrs Live Training at ACODS?

Registration can be completed on our landing page by following the provided instructions or Just register here (link)

Is there any certification provided upon completion of the training program?

es, participants will receive a certificate of completion from CPD UK & Projects certificate from Metafiser tech, recognizing their achievement in Power-BI

What sets ACODS' Power BI training apart from others?

ACODS offers a unique blend of practical insights, hands-on exercises, and industry-relevant scenarios, ensuring participants gain not just theoretical knowledge but practical skills applicable in real-world scenarios.

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