International Summer Internship Program 2024 (ISIP)

Join the ISIP/UG Fellowship 2023, a 6-week international internship program. Explore Europe, USA, and Southeast Asia while gaining hands-on experience in engineering, architecture, design, and management. Metafiser opens doors for Indian students and professors to pursue Master’s and Ph.D. programs at foreign universities through our 25+ partnerships, leading to 900 successful student internships and 70 instructor Ph.D.s in the last seven years.

International Summer Internship Program (ISIP)

International Collaborations For ISIP / UG Fellowship, MS / Ph.D. Program

Through its international internship program, which gives students exposure to the rest of the world as well as training, Metafiser Collaboration has set the bar for innovative learning methods from Europe to the USA and Southeast Asia!

A brief introduction about 'ISIP'

” A Life transforming Experience”

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Students completed VIIP Successfully
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A Great Opportunity for Students currently enrolled in Engineering, Architecture, Design and Management

Teesside University
Tor Vergata
Poznan University
Hellnic American University

Participating Universities

  • Object Shape Evaluation and Dimensions Estimation from Images – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Agata Manolova
  • Methods and algorithms for automatic 3D object model construction from multiple views – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Agata Manolova
  • Methods and algorithms for skeleton generation and tracking of skeleton joints for human activity recognition – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Agata Manolova
  • Real-time photorealistic animation of the avatar’s body and head movement – Dr. Agata Manolova

  • Guiding Ethical Research and Design of XR Technologies and Applications – Didoe Prevedourou
  • Building a chatbot using Python and Machine Learning – Dr Sokratis Sofianopoulos
  • Twitter data analysis using Python – Dr Sokratis Sofianopoulos
  • Digital Twins (DTs) of Smart Cities – Didoe Prevedourou
  • Quantum Computing and Quantum Technologies – Dr. Panayotis Kalozoumis

  • Improving Energy Effficiency in the built environment Environmental|sustainability | energy efficiency in buildings
  • Aerodynamics of FSAE
  • Traffic counter with Python
  • Modelling and Control of Inverted Pendulum
  • Spiked Drink Detection

  • Creation of project for turning input shaft in FeatureCAM by DelCAM – Prof. Bessarbets
  • Manufacturing process planning for CNC machines – Prof. Daniel Shuplestov
  • Creation of project for milling flange in FeatureCAM by DelCAM – Prof. Bessarbets
  • Study of laser percussion drilling of samples with various geometric properties – Prof. Raslan Dzuk
  • Deformation characteristics of the fixation systems of talus bones – Prof. Victor Shevchenko

  •  Bioinformatics, Deep Learning, Text/Data Mining, Computer Vision
    – Areas of Expertise Interns Should Have
  •  1) Developing a predictive model for diabetic ulcers
  •  1) Biosensing 2) Nanotechnology 3) Photovoltaics 4) Biomaterials
    – Areas of Expertise Interns Should Have
  • Design Of Handling Manipulator For Ring Furnace Of Pipe Rolling Unit – PROF. Artem Fedulov
  • Design Of Fourwheel Steering System For Passenger Cars – Prof.Anastasia A. Akulova
  • Design Of Disc Brake System For Passenger Car – Prof.Anastasia A. Akulova
  • Physical Layer Design (Lab View) – Prof. Konstantin Letniv
  • Precast Panels – Prof. Belyaeva Zoya

  • Entity Resolution using OYSTER – Prof. John R. Talburt
  • WATER RAM PUMP – Dr. Ashokkumar Sharma and Dr.Kailash Jajam

  • Software and embedded development projects
  • Mobile development applications
  • Image analysis and analytics projects

  • Advanced Digital Image Processing (This will involve research and presentations) –Deshapande Parth
  • Design of Embedded Systems (This will involve research and presentations) – Marpara Jafar
  • Adaptive filter concept, simulation, and application (implementation in telephone) – Shah Praneet
  • Digital signal perspective of music world, song making and analyzing – Bapat Pranav
  • Development of an optical heart rate monitor – Bagal Akshay

  • Implemeting Machine Learning algorithms to categorize FACIAL EMOTIONS – Prof. K P Subbalakshmi
  • NeuroImaging of Alzheimer’s Disease using Machine learning – Prof. Chandramouli
  • Wearable Robotic Wrist Band to detect AUTISM Disorder Spectrum – Dr. Dr. Damiano Zanotto
  • Applying SVM and k-NN to detect EMOTIONS from Voice Samples – Prof. K P Subbalakshmi


Projects by Students

Explore innovative data science projects by talented students, showcasing their skills and insights in the world of data analysis and machine learning.

Deep Learning on Mobile Devices

Project by Maithili Deshmukh, Ashi Parihar & Meeta Hebli

AI in Gaming & Simulation

Project by Chetan Pathade, Sonia Reddy, Prachit Patil & Shubham Shinde

Optimisation of wind turbine location in wind farm

Project by Nidhi Balaji, Tejas Mahajani & Devyank Patil

Implemention of a Blockchain-based Application for Supply Chain

Project by Swapnil Shinde, Rohan Tanwar & Deepak Khamkar

Social Network analysis by Creating an Alexa skill

Project by Omkar Bhosale, Vaibhav Thakare & Shekhar Tarare

Precast Panels

Project by Abhijit Waghmare, Rahul Patil & Pranit Patil

Physical Layer Design (Labrotory View)

Project by Gaurav Mhatre, Akash Gupta, Mayank Aggarwal & Vishesh Bhagat

Face Detection using Foreground Segmentation

Project by Rohan Tanwar
& Kavya Rajiv

Fibre Glass Reinforcement

Project by Vijay Nimbalkar, Siddhesh Gaikwad & Vishwadh Rane

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