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For Students above 13+ Age
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Key Features

Aligned to CBSE Syllabus
AI Career Counselling Guidance
LMS Lifetime Access
AI Projects
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CPD UK Certificate

Who is this Program For?

The AI Bootcamp is an exciting program designed exclusively for highly enthusiast students above 13+ age aiming to equip them with the knowledge and skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on the CBSE syllabus and students who are looking to develop 21st century in-demand skills.

After this Bootcamp, students will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of AI and its vast career opportunities.

Why You Should Choose ACODS?
Top-notch training led by experienced instructors and Industry experts.

Real-world Experience through Industry projects.

Globally recognized Certification

Lifetime access to the LMS for all Session videos

Free access to Masterclass conducted by experts in the field of AI
Projects During Bootcamp
Real Time Facial Emotion Recognition Model
Real Time Object Detection Model
Chatbot Implementation Model
Recommendation system implementation Model

AI Bootcamp offer

Intensive program to prepare students for the future
Hands-on learning experience in AI technologies and applications
Experienced instructors with expertise in AI and education
Curriculum aligned with CBSE standards
Practical projects and exercises to reinforce concepts
Enable students to become future-ready in the field of AI

AI Bootcamp Offer

Program Modules

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Module-1 Python Fundamentals
Variables – Understand variables and different data types like integers, floats, strings, and booleans.
Flow Control: Learn conditional statements (if, elif, else) and loops (for, while) for program control.
Functions – Grasp the concept of functions, parameters, and return values for modular code.
Strings: Manipulate and format strings using concatenation, splitting, indexing, and formatting techniques.
Lists & Dictionaries– Use lists and dictionaries for storing and manipulating collections of data.
Module-2 Python for Data Visualization and Exploration
NumPy – Understand Numpy’s powerful array manipulation capabilities for efficient numerical computations.
Pandas – Explore Pandas’ data structures (Series, DataFrame) for data manipulation, cleaning, and analysis.
Matplotlib –
Learn to create basic plots, charts, and graphs using Matplotlib for data visualization.
– Discover Seaborn’s high-level interface for creating attractive statistical visualizations.
Module-3 Machine Learning
Introduction to Python for machine learning
Basics of classification algorithms (e.g., logistic regression, decision trees, random forests)
Understanding regression techniques (e.g., linear regression, support vector regression)
Introduction to clustering algorithms (e.g., K-means, hierarchical clustering)
Feature engineering techniques (e.g., feature selection, dimensionality reduction)
Predictive modeling using machine learning algorithms
Time series analysis and forecasting methods
Evaluation and performance metrics for classification, regression, and clustering
Module-4 Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence
Understanding neural networks and their role in AI
Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
Exploring object detection algorithms: YOLO (You Only Look Once) and SSD (Single Shot MultiBox Detector)
Hands-on coding exercises for implementing CNN, YOLO, and SSD in Python
Real-world examples and case studies to understand AI in action
Ethical considerations and responsible use of AI technologies
Module-5 Project Implementation

Learn to create projects from the ground up, starting with ideation and progressing through design, development, and deployment.
Engage in hands-on learning with the guidance and support of experienced mentors, who provide insights, feedback, and advice throughout the project development process.
Collaborate with a team to successfully implement projects, honing your teamwork and communication skills while collectively working towards a shared goal.

Module-6 Project Deployment

Understanding Heroku and its role in deploying web applications
Introduction to Streamlit for building interactive web applications
Continuous guidance and feedback from instructors
Hands-on coding exercises to create and deploy machine learning models using
Heroku and Streamlit

International Certification

Enhance Your Employability and Recognition by Combining your degree and experience with Industry Recognised and Approved CPD UK Professional Certification.



What are the advantages of this AI Bootcamp for high school students?

ACODS AI Bootcamp provides the hands-on experience, fosters critical thinking, and enhances problem-solving skills for high school students.

Is coding essential for students to learn AI?

Participants will learn AI fundamentals, machine learning concepts, programming languages, Data Analysis, and practical applications of AI technology.

Will I be awarded a certificate upon completion of this AI Bootcamp?

Yes, Globally recognised CPD UK Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the AI Bootcamp.

What types of projects will be completed throughout this course?

Students will work on various projects, including Real Time Facial Emotion Recognition Model, Real Time Object Detection Model, Chatbot Implementation Model.Recommendation system implementation Model to apply AI concepts in real-world scenarios.